Is this website secure?

Absolutely yes! Redknapp.co.uk is a secure e-commerce website and complies with the UK data protection laws and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It also enjoys the data security provided by its web host Wix.com. Most importantly, all your payment methods are encrypted, hence the display of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) badge on the payment page.

Where is my product delivered from?

Some of our products are stocked at our Amazon UK warehouse, others are kept at Redknapp's storage. When your order is placed with us for a product stocked in our Amazon warehouse, Amazon will dispatch the product for us. It is the absolutely safe way for us to deliver your product to your door efficiently. An Amazon tracking number will be emailed to you for the peace of mind. Regarding the orders for the products stocked at our Redknapp premises, these will be dispatched by us using the Royal Mail services. And finally, we sell products that are delivered from our selected partners. These orders will be delivered from our partners' warehouses straight to your door. Feel free to take advantage of our on-demand service to request any products not displayed in our online shop window by the use of our "contact us" form. Please note that, except for Redknapp Messenger bags brand that is delivered for our Amazon warehouse ( 2 to 5 delivery), other products in our store listing are shipped from our partners. This means that the fulfilment process of your order can take 5, 14, 20, 30 and up to 40 days depending on whether the product that you like is shipped by our partner located in the UK, Europe, US or China. In any case, your order will be delivered at the earliest time slot.

Can I return a product if it is defective or if I change my mind?

Yes! we take utmost care to make sure that our products are of the excellent quality. However, if they find any of our products defective, please feel free to return them to us, that is, if they are fulfilled by us. If not, please still contact us and we will assist you with the return and the refund. In case our product is delivered from our Amazon fulfilment centre, you will know by its famous Amazon packaging. In this case, Amazon will take care of the refund. We hope that you will love our products and these inconvenient scenarios will not need to happen. Our return policy is similar to Amazon UK's. The link to the Amazon return policy is copied here: Please copy the link to your search engine browser. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=GKM69DUUYKQWKWX7 Our return policy applies as well to all products fulfilled our non-Amazon partners. Again please contact us first and we will assist you with the return and the refund. Whichever method you use to shop with us, stay assured that you are covered.

What is Redknapp Accountancy?

As well as goods, Redknapp provides accountancy services for small businesses. If you ever need an accountant to look after your books, whether you are a sole trader, a partnership, a contractor in the construction industry (CIS), or a micro and small company... we are here to help you at an affordable fee. Redknapp accountancy services include bookkeeping, VAT preparation and return, Payroll, self-assessment (personal tax) as well as final accounts and corporation tax preparations and returns to HMRC and Companies House. Please get in touch for more information.